Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jeremy Fulco's dual roles bring Creative 303 and Player's Bench closer to the customer

As content manager for Creative 303, Jeremy Fulco is responsible for gathering and managing all text and images for every client deliverable. But on evenings and weekends, he laces up for Creative 303 client and Denver-based hockey retailer Player's Bench as a sales associate. Like the rare player on the ice who can skate like a forward or a defenseman, Jeremy provides a critical link between agency, client and customer that is bound by the glue of hockey passion.

A former college player from Michigan, Fulco landed the sales job at Player's Bench not long after coming on board here at 303. The advantages were obvious: his in-the-trenches view of what customers were responding to gave him insight into our efforts to boost online sales at PlayersBench.com. And Jeremy's rapport with Player's Bench leadership helps Creative 303's design team be more responsive to client feedback, which shortens overall creative production time. Player's Bench CEO Rick Boh and COO Mike Callahan are, like Jeremy, former players. Culturally, the company prides itself on being a "by the players, for the players" retailer whose employee immersion in the sport results in a better consultative buying experience.

"Being in the sport takes over your mind, body and soul," says Fulco. "To have that connection with your client and their customers gives you a deeper understanding of and commitment to the relationship."

It's the perfect alignment of individual interest and team strategy, and a prime example of how boutique creative agencies can forge the intimate local bonds that keep teammates like Jeremy in service to their passion and in touch with the needs of two critical audiences at once.

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