Monday, September 28, 2009

price per unit

i wonder what price per unit on these dorito bag/boxes are? pretty cool concept, but how does it seal? i just thought it was pretty damn interesting. more images at here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the lost symbol

last week i bought Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. well i am in deep and enjoying the read very much so. as i read it i realize how much research goes into writing a book of that magnitude. after his 2 other Robert Langdon book have been scrutinized so vividly this book had to have about no fallacies, and if they did they would have to be stated. well i am learning a lot about Washington dc that i was not aware of. regardless its a great, fast read. i am still a large fan of deception point. i am kind of a science geek and the plot about NASA being a monopoly and explaining why they are so in debt because they undercut every small space exploration company out there. it was a great book.

anyways also an interesting fact about this book, is the kindle(tablet) version of this book has more sales than the hard copy on really stressing the fact that the virtual age is upon us, books that aren't printed, just put onto a flash drive. think of how many books you could hold on a 16 gig flash drive for your tablet, that is lit, slim, and cool to show off.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

color switch

after much debate we are switching from our cyan blue to a chocolate brown. it looks pretty rich and classic. lets hope the business cards come out the way we think they will. we are getting them at rob's foils and dyes down off 6th and 25th. pretty awesome place i suggest checking it out.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new slang

keep f**king that chicken = keep up the good work. you can now use that phrase in the work place fyi.

kanye west

i think you can say what you want to about kanye west, but he does make some good albums. 808's and heartbreaks was not great, but his first and third cd were extremely good. i think he really came out strong in the first and then got his rhythm in the third working with good artists and mixing good samples. i will be honest i am looking forward to his new work. so he has an ego, and he is a little brash about it. i think he is good at what he does - producing, marketing himself and rapping. now dressing is a different subject. he needs a stylist.

Monday, September 21, 2009


our new signs arrived this morning. i think they look pretty sharp. how do you like it? now when you walk past 511 broadway you can clearly see that we are taking up space. have a good/rainy monday. now if only the snow will start up. i would love an early winter.

Friday, September 18, 2009

friday day

so its friday and we have reason to celebrate. we just can't explain the reason yet. soon to come to fruition. excited to get this started.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

new shirts

You too can look stunning in our blue athletic tees, avaliable now, from us.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MOR Beverage

here's a new company we are working with. they are a sparkling enhanced water, not to be confused with an energy drink. MOR Beverage is the company, they have three flavors: Cranberry (pictured), Pomegranate Lemon, and Raspberry Strawberry. They are amazing. Go buy some. The image was taken by our in-house photographer Jordan Holloway.

we are re-positioning and re-branding the product line. i am thinking we might do some changes to the can. any suggestions? what do you like/dislike? open forum. these cans are available at king soopers, sunflower market, and city market. they are also available online here.

john and jeff hammering out some details on fresh gourmet. john says, " what the f**k is this about a super bowl 30 second spot?" when you have only have half a million for production on a spot you know you are in a recession. john likes big budgets. jeff is impartial, he just wants to get the work out. i like documenting it.

ran into an old friend last night

Ran into an old friend last night. John Harris, the previous CEO at K\H. In the target parking lot after not seeing him for well over a year, ran up, extended my hand, he threw his arms up and gave a hug. its great when after time and bulls**t you can still have a good relationship. i always felt he got a bad rep and im glad to say we are having a beer together this week.

mondays are good, but tuesdays are always better.

Monday, September 14, 2009

fall tv

not sure how many people watch television on the TV anymore. as fall season approaches i was wondering that myself. i haven't had TV in about 4 years. and i still watch all my favorite shows, which include: the office, 30 rock, entourage, true blood, it's always sunny in Philadelphia, nip/tuck and man vs. wild. i download or watch streaming video of my favorite shows. now this week are the openers for the office and always sunny. i am excited for this Thursday. i think the shows have good writing and keep you entertained throughout the program. and they are not linked episodes meaning that you don't need to watch the first 5 seasons to understand the 6th season opener. it helps but its not necessary.

now this week, will be a lot of work.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

prime time of your life

it is an interesting time to be in advertising, that is for sure. i think smaller, potent agencies are the future. no more conglomerate dinosaurs, just focused groups of like minded creatives that get the job done fast.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

work day

todays workday was till 11:35 pm. and i really enjoyed it. granted i took some off to rock climb at the BRC, but i actually just got done typing up the days work.

tomorrow comes today.

a quote

early bird gets the worm.


the second mouse gets the cheese.

my roommate in college, chet logue, told me that quote about the mouse. it has stuck with me for about 8 years now.

great line. you should use it today.

now the 4 day week begins

well labor day is over and now it is back to the grind. i really do believe that if people worked 4 longer days and had a 3 day weekend, that would come back completely refreshed. there is a big difference between 2 and 3 days. i have to admit i love these long weekends, not because i can sleep in or because i can lay around, but because i come back to work fully refreshed and ready to start, not dragging my heels. hope everyone had a good weekend, but it's time to dominate the work week.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

don't be fooled

smash burger is awesome. go eat there.

i don't know if this is awesome or insulting

this ad was produced in germany by das comitee. i had an interesting reaction. not sure what to think. i mean its kind of nuts, you have to admit, but maybe thats what makes it good. tell me what you think because i am still stuck in the middle.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

seriously just awesome.

wow i saw this and it blew my mind. watch and appreciate.

smoky smoky smoky

so all of this fog/smoke/haze is coming to us from the fires in california. the gulf stream is carrying it out way and apparently for like 3 days it will continue. not to psyched. on an ad note, this was pretty good, and it came out of chicago.

the tagline being, "
Gain Detergent with Febreze Odor Removal. Your clothes were never there."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

done with a large project

we finished our presentation for _____ ________. it looks stellar. excited to go there and get some feedback. there being LA. im looking forward to getting on a surfboard, and saying hi to Lee Clow, while on said surfboard.

and its time for the sink and their 2 burgers and fries for $10 tuesday special.

go see it