Tuesday, February 23, 2010

creepily interesting...

The North Face has i'm assuming the factory labs came up with this marketing strategy. The New York Times posted this and it is very interesting and creepy. knowing that TNF knows where i am at all times, kinda invasion of privacy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"it's just..."

'Just' is one of those nasty Four Letter words

'Just' is quite rightly included amongst the C2 wiki list of Alarm Bell Phrases. It's a dangerous word that should be used as sparingly as possible. As a developer, it's a word you hear far too often: "this will just take a few days", "it's just a couple of web-pages", and of course the ultimate: "it should just work."

'Just' is a vague, almost condescending diminutive. Nine times out of ten, it means this:

I do not know, but it is in my interest to estimate optimistically.

Generally, you'll find that if you have a definite idea of the size of something, or the amount of effort required, the word 'just' quickly vanishes from your vocabulary. Not because the thing is necessarily large, but because even being certain that something is small removes the need to qualify its smallness: it becomes what it is, no more, no less, no 'just' required.

Monday, February 15, 2010

good article

banner ads, to many graphic designers, are a thing of annoyance, but this article in adweek exlpains how to have fun with banner ads...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

not to be political, but...

yesterday, obama talked about the 2010 budget. well in 2008 our GDP was about 13.5 trillion and our debt was 8.7 trillion, which is 64% . well with the new budget for 2010 we have a 3.94 trillion dollar budget with 2.19 trillion dollars in our pockets. that means there will be a 1.75 trillion dollar deficit added to our federal debt. if china calls in to the US we are screwed. we did it do the british over the suez canal and china can now do it the US. not sure if it is a good time to be a young person. the future does not look grim. maybe we will go the way of denmark with 90% tax rate? we have to make this budget up some how. i think it was stated that if everyone american citizen puts in $175,000 we will be back at sea level. do you have that kind of cash lying around?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


as with a lot of people, we were all busy watching the keynote of the ipad being brought to life. after much analysis of the product I have come to decide I do not need one. having an iphone and mac computer. it is interesting, the battery is an amazing advance, but everything else has kinda been around. and what I can't believe is there is no isight camera. the ipad would have been the perfect tool for skype-ing. for $500 to have a slim tab to skype with family members would be great. to have a screen that big with resolution that they can now put into those cameras. it would have been an amazing device...but i guess to keep the price point at 500 was hard enough. they should release an option to have a camera.

my two cents.

aesthetically...it looks beautiful with the exception of the bezel...but i guess for the power button...not sure.