Monday, August 31, 2009

"we didn't invent the [NOUN], we made it [ADJECTIVE]."

"you know i would almost go as far to say we do have an account team. they are called iphones, and we all have them. this way you pay less and get a better creative product."

an unnamed creative. kinda fun. and in only . . .

well the denver egotist debuted us today in a suprising fast manner. makes me feel like one of us could be the woman himself (really wish we could put a sex on this apparition.) i liked the title . . rising from the ashes.

oh btw . . .

we are having a soiree on sept 24. it's at our space. as it stands, there are going to be a lot of important people there.

private gallery show for Peter Max

creative303 was also in denver for the Peter Max private showing in cherry creek this saturday. creative303 has some work by Peter Max and was lucky enought to get it signed and even to discuss the art at hand. he has an amazing color palate and expresses it via paint brush on canvas. our creative director, john, had his picture taken with Peter Max for the new Denver Magazine.

gallery show in boulder

creative303 was in attendance at the Mr. Pool gallery for Mark Sink & Kristen Hatgi show. it was great. there is something to be said about photographers who aren't chasing the megapixels, who use\shoot film. i was very impressed by the process they use, called wet plating or collodion process. if you need some fine art shots these are the guy\girl to see, brilliant work.

creative303 picked up a new client.

creative303 has picked up a new client. they are in the food catagory. if you stop in and say hello at 511 broadway, denver you can probably catch us working on brand identity & package design.

the sun is out, have a good monday.

creative303 has a blog.

hello to you all out there, the Denver egotist specifically. this is creative303 saying hello and we are open for business. a little back story; creative303 is the brainchild of John Meyer, the Creative Director behind such campaigns as POM Wonderful, Levi's, Virgin and American Crew. He parted ways with Karsh\Hagan mid summer and decided to start anew with a fresh idea and fresh palate. Starting off strong with Shanahan's Restaurant as a client and now having two more unnamed clients to add to the list. creative303 is off to a fruitful and promising start.