Monday, November 30, 2009

thanks john

"give me more ideas to reject."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shanahan's Work to date.

Marc Steron formerly the GM of Del Frisco’s approached John Meyer, now of Creative 303, last October of 2008 to create his logo for the new restaurant he was creating with Mike Shanahan and Steve Mooney – Shanahan’s. It started with a signature from Mike Shanahan then we took it from there.

The logo mark was created as a custom signature with a slight italic. The final decision was to go with the logo in a rich brown, to symbolize a classic steak house. For our signage, we selected YESCO signs, a nationally recognized sign company specializing in high-end outdoor signage. (The Wynn Hotel, etc.). We worked on a technology that during the day the sign was it’s signature brown, but at night the sign would glow white. We were also asked to design the letterhead, business cards, menu, matchbooks and to-go bags. Marc Steron has done an amazing job with the overall project from the design itself to the interior design, furniture, custom art work and the technology. What a place it will be to get a great steak, seafood and a cocktail.

Now some pictures...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

new clients

sorry for the delay on blogs, recently we have been busy designing sites for larraz construction, mor beverage, as well as our own. in the big picture, we have been having a lot of client meetings, and shopping books meyer has done to people. today we are meeting on a new fitness chain of gyms. excited to see the space and start working on the brand, logo, website, and outdoor. the egotist said, "Interesting time to be starting an agency, to be sure." i whole hearted agree with him. if you do good work, and know people who need work done, then it is a most fruitful endeavor indeed. good luck to the dinosaurs, the time of the small boutique shops, i think, are on the increase. how many shops has the egotist brought to light with 3 people leaving crispin, ddb, bbdo, deutsch, y&r, hal, and others? all top people are starting their own shops with 2 clients. just enough to keep 10 people busy and well fed. i like the philosophy. 3 cents.

Monday, November 9, 2009


here at creative 303 we have noticed that mondays seem to be slower and contain no good news. after a fair number of mondays with this mentality we are thinking about working tuesday - saturday. not sure, it just seems that tuesdays are always better and contain better news. i mean today is a beautiful day and the broncos are playing. we are hoping to get outside for lunch and enjoy the weather. maybe the spicy pickle on broadway and 9th. they have outdoor seating. regardless, lets all have a good monday and be excited for the week ahead. we are, clients are coming in and they are excited to do so, so that's good.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Smartwool Fashion Show

Creative 303's Photographer/Art Director Jordan Holloway was busy the past 2 days covering the Smartwool Fall Line Fashion Show. A very promising line indeed.

Monday, November 2, 2009

aluminum bottles, seriously?

for our client mor beverage we have been looking up aluminum bottle designs. seriously how can coke land on the fat boy style can. there is literally an endless sea of possibilities. crazy tops, shapes, and everything in between. some companies out there are really having fun with the milling and shaping of aluminum. cool stuff.