Wednesday, February 3, 2010

not to be political, but...

yesterday, obama talked about the 2010 budget. well in 2008 our GDP was about 13.5 trillion and our debt was 8.7 trillion, which is 64% . well with the new budget for 2010 we have a 3.94 trillion dollar budget with 2.19 trillion dollars in our pockets. that means there will be a 1.75 trillion dollar deficit added to our federal debt. if china calls in to the US we are screwed. we did it do the british over the suez canal and china can now do it the US. not sure if it is a good time to be a young person. the future does not look grim. maybe we will go the way of denmark with 90% tax rate? we have to make this budget up some how. i think it was stated that if everyone american citizen puts in $175,000 we will be back at sea level. do you have that kind of cash lying around?

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