Tuesday, February 2, 2010


as with a lot of people, we were all busy watching the keynote of the ipad being brought to life. after much analysis of the product I have come to decide I do not need one. having an iphone and mac computer. it is interesting, the battery is an amazing advance, but everything else has kinda been around. and what I can't believe is there is no isight camera. the ipad would have been the perfect tool for skype-ing. for $500 to have a slim tab to skype with family members would be great. to have a screen that big with resolution that they can now put into those cameras. it would have been an amazing device...but i guess to keep the price point at 500 was hard enough. they should release an option to have a camera.

my two cents.

aesthetically...it looks beautiful with the exception of the bezel...but i guess for the power button...not sure.

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  1. Just saw this... http://www.macrumors.com/2010/02/01/ipad-enclosure-has-empty-space-for-camera/ One can hope.

    I dig the bezel though, nice place to hold and some good 'white space.'

    If they get a camera going, I could see this lil device peaking my interest for sure.