Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Big Swinging....Technology

This article in Ad Age reminds me of my Commencement Speech for my undergrad. Raymond Kurzweil was the commencement speaker. he spoke of the singularity, and how present it really is. what he talks about is how technology and price points are increasing/decreasing at an incredible rate. as technology gets better, the price goes down. something that really hit me was the iphone 3Gs. in 1999 the Pentium 3 chip came out. with it came with 500MHz of processing power and less then 256 MB of RAM. that was ten years ago. the iphone 3Gs comes with 866MHz and 512 MB of RAM. and it is about 1/20th the size. it is so crazy to think how fast technology moves. also, that computer was $5,000.00 US. the iphone OFF a plan is $600.00 US with the plan $200.00 US. it blows my mind to think what technology will overcome in 2020. hell, i am excited to see what apple comes out with in the next 3 years.

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