Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adrian Shaughnessy

I am reading one of Adrian Shaunessy's books right now. And he has some great quotes that, even in my short time in the business, are completely relatable. i.e.
"During the time that I ran a studio, and despite having some blue-chip clients and, at one giddy moment, 40 members of staff, I never employed account handlers. Why? Because 'account handling' was something done by advertising agencies and big soulless design groups as a way of distancing their clients from the messy business of creativity, and this was the opposite of what my studio stood for. We believed in letting out clients see the blood on the floor.
But in truth, account handling was what I mostly did: hand-holding nervous and mistrustful clients; listening to them; placating them; remonstrating with them; and sometimes admitting to them that we'd screwed up. But although this is what I did, I refused to call it account handling. I called it: looking after clients, and showing them what we do, and letting them know where and how their money was being spent."
I am enjoying his book immensely.

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