Thursday, November 19, 2009

new clients

sorry for the delay on blogs, recently we have been busy designing sites for larraz construction, mor beverage, as well as our own. in the big picture, we have been having a lot of client meetings, and shopping books meyer has done to people. today we are meeting on a new fitness chain of gyms. excited to see the space and start working on the brand, logo, website, and outdoor. the egotist said, "Interesting time to be starting an agency, to be sure." i whole hearted agree with him. if you do good work, and know people who need work done, then it is a most fruitful endeavor indeed. good luck to the dinosaurs, the time of the small boutique shops, i think, are on the increase. how many shops has the egotist brought to light with 3 people leaving crispin, ddb, bbdo, deutsch, y&r, hal, and others? all top people are starting their own shops with 2 clients. just enough to keep 10 people busy and well fed. i like the philosophy. 3 cents.

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