Thursday, March 11, 2010

RED Cameras

in my quest for being on the top of the game, when it comes to technology, i recently came across the red camera. this camera company, i love. they came out of no where, offered an amazing product at an amazing price. most 720p studio cameras with 1/2 chipset are $5,000.00 or so. that is a 2k camera, or 2000+ pixels wide. just to give you a reference standard television is broadcast in 480i, which is 480 pixels across. the red cameras come at you with a base model of 2/3 chipset and with 3k resolution for $5,500.00. and everything with the red camera to top notch, aluminum body, great lenses, etc. becoming a top end production company requires 2 things, skills and equipment. getting into a business with 2 cameras, 4 lenses and 2 MCP's for under $22,000.00 is kind of amazing. and the real thing that blows my mind is the RED EPIC 617 28k camera. which is 28,000 pixels wide. just mind blowing the resolution on that. literally can't find a screen to place that resolution.

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