Monday, December 28, 2009

Come Meet Scott Mcinnis

Here is the Invite

Republican Candidate for Governor, Scott Mcinnis, will be discussing campaign topics for the 2010 Governor election. This will be a chance for you to come in and talk with Scott, one on one. If you know me then you probably know how I feel about republicans. Scott is not your typical Republican. The is really great chance to ask him questions about his campaign, the future of colorado, and any other random questions you might have. he likes to answer any questions you throw at him, no matter how hard/pressuring they might be.

He will be coming to my place of work on January 6th at 6 pm to discuss the issues. I would really suggest you come and enjoy the food and listen to him speak.

This is an open invitation to all who read this. Please come, see our space, and meet Scott.

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