Thursday, September 24, 2009

the lost symbol

last week i bought Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. well i am in deep and enjoying the read very much so. as i read it i realize how much research goes into writing a book of that magnitude. after his 2 other Robert Langdon book have been scrutinized so vividly this book had to have about no fallacies, and if they did they would have to be stated. well i am learning a lot about Washington dc that i was not aware of. regardless its a great, fast read. i am still a large fan of deception point. i am kind of a science geek and the plot about NASA being a monopoly and explaining why they are so in debt because they undercut every small space exploration company out there. it was a great book.

anyways also an interesting fact about this book, is the kindle(tablet) version of this book has more sales than the hard copy on really stressing the fact that the virtual age is upon us, books that aren't printed, just put onto a flash drive. think of how many books you could hold on a 16 gig flash drive for your tablet, that is lit, slim, and cool to show off.

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